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Plier W60,0.7KG

The professional clamp is a good tool to tight the copper clip, to ensure the electricity wire can tightly connect to the heating film's conductive copper bus bar, then avoiding short circuit.

【Series】:Heating film system

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Copper material, 1000pcs /Bag,3KG




Special crimping pliers,W60,0.7KG


 Insulation Tap

20M/Roll,2.35KG,Width 5.3cm,Thickness 1.5mm,

Package  size 23*23* 7cm     


 Waterproof Connection Wire

Pattern "T" Shape power cord and connect wiring. waterproof, fireproof, strong acid and alkali resistant, 50years without aging,Package  size 48*31* 24cm,11KG/Carton,48cm per pair,

20 pieces/carton,7 heads per pair



 Protective Bag
(US$/per square)

Size:0.35*100m (1 Roll), infrared reflection, waterproof, fireproof, Anti-leakage, Anti-puncture, uniform thermal conductivity and Shielding eletromagnetic radiation





The copper clamp is fixed on the electrothermal film copper foil with a pliers, and the electrothermal film branch is fixed on the pass card. The two copper foil current-carrying strips of the electrothermal film are respectively connected with the zero line and the fire wire of the branch line.


Electric film branch is divided into three red, blue and flower lines, corresponding to the fire line, zero line and ground line. One end of the ground wire is connected to the blue wire, and the other end is connected to the aluminum foil protection bag through a copper card. 


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