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Insulation Tape

1) Pure copper clip with many small teeth with the best conductive performance. 

2) Professional insulation tape, special use for underfloor heating system and durable. 

3) T-Shaped power cord and branch wires, waterproof, easy and fast installation. 

4) Special design protective bag with good far infrared reflective function, waterproof function, fire resistant so on. 

5) Professional clamp tool is tight the copper clip to ensure there is no short circuit. 

【Series】:Heating film system

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Copper material, 1000pcs /Bag,3KG




Special crimping pliers,W60,0.7KG


 Insulation Tap

20M/Roll,2.35KG,Width 5.3cm,Thickness 1.5mm,

Package  size 23*23* 7cm     


 Waterproof Connection Wire

Pattern "T" Shape power cord and connect wiring. waterproof, fireproof, strong acid and alkali resistant, 50years without aging,Package  size 48*31* 24cm,11KG/Carton,48cm per pair,

20 pieces/carton,7 heads per pair



 Protective Bag
(US$/per square)

Size:0.35*100m (1 Roll), infrared reflection, waterproof, fireproof, Anti-leakage, Anti-puncture, uniform thermal conductivity and Shielding eletromagnetic radiation





Use insulated waterproof mastic and electrical tape for all copper cards for insulation and waterproofing. The clay needs to completely cover the copper card and its width is at least 1cm wider than the copper card.

At the installation site of each copper card, firstly use cement to insulate it, and then use an electrical tape to paste the cement. Electrical tape must be covered with insulating cement. The insulating cement must be flat and do not leave bubbles.

The rear bus bar of the electrothermal film is also waterproofed with cement, and no tape is used because the adhesive force of the tape is reduced when heated. The cement at the tail of the electrothermal film is at least 1 cm wider than the copper foil of the electrothermal film.

The cut electrothermal film is put into an aluminum foil bag, and the ground wire of the electrothermal film is fixed to the end of the aluminum foil bag using a clip and the insulating cement is stuck. The ground clamp is located at 1/4 of the width of the aluminum foil bag (not the middle), so it is easy to reach the arm and operate the electric heating film.




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