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Heating mat

1. Waterproof carbon heating mat, seedling heating mat. heating mat for bed

2. Custimzed size is available.

3. With or without thermostat is avaialbe.electric pet heating mat
4. Adopt carbon heating film as heating element, uniform heat and not dry.gre

【Series】:Seedling heating & Pet heating

Seedling heating mat, waterproof IP44 with power cord. Thermostat is also available. 

As a farmer,we hope the plants(vegetables,flowers,seedlings......)can grow healthily,but when snow 

falling,how can we keep the greenhouse warm,supply the warm environment for plants?



Electric heating fan?

The hot wind it blows will dry out the air,so the plants will lose water even will be burned to death

It only blows in one direction,even if there are many,but still not uniform heating,it causes Some

plants grow so fast that some plants do not.

Heating cable?

Cheap installation but Line heating,not uniform,Tandem structure,easily happen:

one half hot,the other half not hot.So some plants grow fast but some are still seedings.

For uniform heating,the hot half will go on heating up,too high temperature will burn the plants



Product name Model NO. color/Material size(cm) Voltage(v) Power(W)
HGT pet heating mat HGT-PET-101525 Customized 15X25 110-240V 10
HGT-PET-162030 20X30 110-240V 16
HGT-PET-202035 20X35 110-240V 20
HGT-PET-303050 30X50 110-240V 30
HGT-PET-404060 40X60 110-240V 40
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